Physical Medicine

What Is Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation?

Physiatry focuses on improving daily function and brings you to a higher quality of life.
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PM&R physicians treat patients with short or long-term physical and/or cognitive impairments.
The goal of rehabilitation medicine is to decrease pain and enhance function without surgery. We treat individuals with disabilities ranging from musculoskeletal conditions to neurological conditions. These disabilities could result from neck or back pain, sports or work injuries, stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury.

It is the practice of medicine that addresses the whole person with a goal of improving function such as walking, transferring from one surface to the other, bathing, grooming, toileting, cooking, meal preparation, shopping, etc.
American Academy of Physical Medicine
About AAPM&R
At Better Health and Rehab our heart is to heal, while also empowering our patients to take control of their health journey. We offer several tools to achieve better health for individuals with a disability.
Spasticity Management
This is relevant for patients who have medical conditions that cause tightness of their muscles. If not addressed, it can lead to pain and loss of function in the limb. We utilize oral medications as well as botulinum toxin injections to address these issues.
Pain Management
Pain is complex. It is a unique and individual experience that may be difficult to describe. Our strategy in the management of pain is to take a multi-faceted approach knowing that the experience of pain is emotional, psychological, and physical. Our expertise is getting people off opioid pain medications and replacing their regimen with safer pain management options.
Gait Analysis
We are all born to walk. Most people have done so since the age of 1. When your ability to walk has changed from an amputation or an injury, you want an expert who understands the use of a prosthesis or orthosis to improve gait and mobility.

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