Functional Medicine

What Is Functional Medicine?

“Functional Medicine determines the why and how an illness occurs to restore health by addressing the root cause of disease.” 
- the IFM
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Through careful historical review, physical examination, and laboratory testing functional medicine practitioners get to the root of the problem.
As a systems-biology based approach we focus on discovering the underlying issues that are causing your health troubles. We do not prescribe medicine for symptom suppression, as is all too common in conventional medicine. Rather, we seek to solve the cause of those symptoms itself.
The Goal of Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine is built on the idea that one symptom can have many conditions, and one condition can have many symptoms. For example, the symptom of inflammation may result in depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis. On the other hand, the condition of depression may cause omega-3 deficiency, low thyroid, vitamin D deficiency, pre-diabetes, and a myriad of other symptoms.

The goal of functional medicine is to address both the symptoms and the condition that causes them.
How Does It Do This?
There are several tools Functional Medicine Practitioners use to treat patients, but primarily they will look at the whole person, not just a set of seemingly disparate symptoms. They will spend time with the patient and look at the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors of each individual.

Functional medicine is a personalized, systemized approach to healing that empowers both the practitioner and the patient to work in collaboration to combat chronic disease and illness.
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