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What To Expect
Your first visit with a functional medicine practitioner may be a little different than your past doctor’s visits.

Functional medicine is about treating the individual patient, and at Better Health and Rehab we seek to find the RIGHT solutions for you. Access to Dr. Brown is direct and easy. She provides an ear to listen and the time necessary to meet your health needs. As someone who has benefited personally from nature’s apothecary, regular exercise, and stress-relieving techniques, Dr. Brown recommends treatments that work.
What To Bring
Bring a list of all the over-the-counter medications and supplements you are currently taking or have taken in the recent past. Familiarize yourself with your family history, levels of activity, food habits, and any personal health concerns. Bring an open mind. Functional medicine is different from your past medical treatment, it is designed specifically for you.

The Process

An exploratory call to get to know each other and the patient’s health needs.
Complete a questionnaire that will give us the “big picture” of the patient’s health journey and commitment to heal.
Attend the first one hour visit with Dr. Brown.
Receive your Plan of Care (POC) that may include one lifestyle area to change or improve.
Attend subsequent visits that are 30 minutes long and build upon the patient’s POC. The number of subsequent visits will be determined at the initial visit. Changes will be added as deemed appropriate when the patient is ready and can be incorporated seamlessly into their lifestyle.
Receive regular check-ins on a monthly or weekly basis to ensure changes are being made with expected results. 

We will use various tools to make these changes possible including labs, working with a dietician, cooking classes, and more. 

We will also use various tools to help with physical ailments such as:
Joint injections
Referral to therapy (PT/OT/ST)
Herbal supplementation
Allopathic medications
Receive a three month assessment of progress to determine when the patient can continue on their own. Suggested time commitments for lifestyle changes are one year to ensure that any new habits are permanent.

This Process Is For You If:

  • You are done feeling frustrated with your health
  • You have chronic health issues that seem unsolvable
  • You are ready to take charge of your health
  • You are determined to find the right solutions
  • You are not afraid of a long term fight to achieve better health
  • You need someone to give you the tools to better health
  • You are ready to be guided down the path of healing

This Process Not Is For You If:

  • You want a quick fix solution to all your problems
  • You don’t have time to commit to your health
  • You think one doctor’s visit should result in better health
  • You’re afraid of implementing change in your life
  • You would rather live in pain than do the hard work to heal

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